about vayo

We present a stylish vaping experience that does more than just replicate a traditional cigarette. Understanding our customer and comprehensive research and in-house development has gone into perfecting our unique distinctive design.

No hassle, no assembling or charging is required, just break open the tube and let the vaping commence. And with VAYO’s battery lasting up to 4 traditional cigarette packs, you can enjoy our smooth taste even longer.

So, whether it’s with a cocktail at the bar, after a meal in the restaurant, on a train journey or at work; our range of revolutionary products will stimulate your senses, Anytime. Anywhere.

Make your choice from our many exciting – smooth-tasting and Nicotine Free Fruit Flavors in our Shisha and Slims products or experience our unique E-Cigarettes which we offer with a variety of Tobacco or Mint flavors as well as in a Nicotine Free alternative.

VAYO is part of Swiss-Vape – a company founded in Switzerland and we work hard on new ideas and products. We want to surprise you with unexpected designs and flavors – we want to listen to you so that we can shape the future of Vaping together.


At VAYO, we are driven by the science of vapor.

Since it is the vapor that you inhale and that delivers the satisfaction, it is vital for us to know exactly what our vapor contains. We share our knowledge with other scientists, public health organizations, and most importantly with you, allowing you to make informed decisions.


Our Vayo e-Liquid contains nicotine, water, glycerol and propylene glycol which are all pharmaceutical grade and sourced within the EU/USA. When it comes to our flavors, we only use EU/USA sourced food-grade flavorings, which are stable when vaporized. Purity for us is about what goes into our e-Liquids, and about what comes out in the vapor.


A toxicological risk assessment is carried out on every ingredient and the vapor produced during use. A team of professional toxicologists with our manufacturing partners carries out the assessments, which are then reviewed by senior scientist panel and independent parties


All our VAYO devices have been designed with safety in mind and have been CE certified and assessed by an independent third party. Our devices are compliant with the General Product Safety Directive, the Restriction on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances Directive, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and the Battery Safety Testing. The safety features in all our VAYO devices are there to prevent product damage, overheating, fire and risk of electrical shock.


Every single device is checked before it is packed and shipped out. We check the quality at every stage of production.

Recycling Policy

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. Therefore we adhere to the respective Waste and Electrical Regulations and play our part in making sure that the amount of electrical products sent to landfill sites is reduced.

If you purchase a VAYO e-cigarette from us, you are entitled to return to us any used e-cigarette and we will dispose of the device safely and ensure it does not end up in a landfill site. You are also welcome to return any VAYO packaging material to us at the following address: SWISS-VAPE AG – Etzelstrasse 23 – 8808 PÄFFIKON – Switzerland

End-users have an important role to play in helping to improve the recovery of Waste of Electrical Equipment. Electrical and electronic goods are now marked with the image of a crossed-out wheelie bin, to signify that the product should not be disposed of as part of regular household waste, but rather should be separately collected for recovery and recycling.

When you need to dispose of your e-cigarette, please refer to the Return of Used Products Policy above, or contact your local authority for information on other publicly available collection and recycling facilities.

frequently asked questions

What is an electronic cigarette? 

Liquid that contains tasty flavors which are usually Nicotine Free. Some products can also contain Nicotine. There is no combustion so the user inhales the liquid’s vapor, rather than smoke. Vapor is a water based substance which has an appearance similar to smoke. VAYO products do not contain tobacco. An electonic heating element is activated when the user draws air through the device. This vaporizes the e-liquid formulation and the vapor conduces to form an aerosol, which is inhaled and exhaled.

What ingredients are in a VAYO Liquid? 

VAYO’s e-liquid only uses ingredients from the US and Europe and consists mainly of purified Water – Propylene Glycol (which is also used in food products and beverages as a thickening agent or sweetener) Vegetable Glycerin and flavoring components. Some of our products also contain Nicotine.

How do I use my VAYO products? 

No assembly or charging is required – you can start vaping right away. Simply remove your VAYO Product from the packaging and draw at the top of the devise. Th battery will automatically engage and turn on. When you finish drawing on the device, it will automatically turn off. You can immediately put the product in your bag – shirt or Jacket.

Can I use my VAYO Product in Public? 

The beauty of VAYO Products is, that you are not bothering anybody any longer with Passive smoke. Therefore – yes – in principle you can use our products anywhere. We encourage our consumers to be tolerant and of course to follow the rules which some airlines – trains – restaurants or companies have set up. In most places there are today no legal restrictions to vape.

What are the benefits of the VAYO Products? 

In a nutshell the VAYO products are hygienic and clean – they do not contain any of the thousands of toxic ingredients in a traditional cigarette – they have no tobacco – no ashes – and there is no fire hazard. Our products are usually cheaper than any traditional cigarettes in most countries.

Do I have to pay for the Delivery of VAYO? 

VAYO should be enjoyed by consumers around the world. Depending on the Destinations there might be additional freight – customs and duty charges. Not if you order products for more than € or CHF 50 and if you live in Switzerland or a surrounding country. For other destinations we reserve the right to add additional delivery costs and duties and taxes.

Free shipping service for any purchase of €/CHF 50 or above